Getting Started with Best Contact Form

Best Contact Form is the “best” contact form you can have on your website and/or wordpress site. We designed back in 2008 to give every online entrepreneur an advantage to succeed in the online marketing world.

You see, not only can you create amazing looking contact forms without having to write a single line of code but you’ll also receive instant email notifications when a user on your site fills out your contact form. But what truly separates us from our competition is that our contact forms track keywords plus 10 additional marketing points proven to give our users the edge in their niche.

To better guide you through these tutorials, click the button below that best describes your situation:

Note: We’re still working on the videos that will live behind the “Website” button. Even though the process for wordpress and websites are the same, except you’ll copy and paste your form code into your web pages using your favorite html editor like coffeecup, dreamweaver, etc …